project highlights

đź’ĄPremium Facilitiesđź’Ą


4 passenger lift provisions in each villa.

Piped Gas provision for Each Villa.

Fibre optics to home.

Integrated security system, CCTV, and video door phones.

Exclusive app for Facility management.

power Backup for Each Villa.

Hydro Pneumatic water supply system.


Home automation.

Biometric lock on the main door.

Gas leak & glass break sensors.

luxury villas in Patancheru

Location highlights

Adjacent to Maheswara Medical College & Hospital.

Exit 3 ORR Muthangi is just 7KM away.

8 KM to IIT Hyderabad.

Very Near to proposed NIMZ .

Very Near to Toshiba, MRF.

9KM to GAUDIUM international school.

13KM to Tellapur/Gopanapally.

20 KM to Miyapur Metro.

20 KM to Gachibowli/Financial District.

38 KM to RGI Airport.

Very near to Educational Hub.

ivillas for sale in Patancheru


Clubhouse with Swimming pool.

Games room provision for games like table tennis, chess, carroms.

Library room.

Waiting rooms & lobby areas.

Indoor tennis court.

Party hall.

Yoga & Gym room.

Swimming pool.

Skating track. /p>

Outdoor cricket court.

Badminton court

Walking track.

Park with children's play area.

Patancheru villas

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Luxury, Class, and Royalty - Get the Best Villas in Patancheru

  • Villas in Patancheru are a definition of luxury, class, and royalty. Their grand entrance and style, exquisite design plan, large, suite-like luxury rooms, open gardens, long corridors, and everything else in and around the villas has a royal appeal to them, an attractiveness that is a class apart. With that, everyone loves to have an experience of a lifestyle stay in the villas.

  • So, how great would it be if you had a villa of your own? But where do you find the perfect villas at the right prices in a city like Hyderabad?

  • Well, the thing is that the search is not at all difficult. Hyderabad is a constantly developing city and it’s known for its royalty and luxury. With that, you can easily find villas for purchase as well as rental accommodation in many areas all across the city.

  • With that being said, you will love to check out the area of Hyderabad. These villas are designed for a royal and elite appeal and the experience here shall be something exquisite and unique.

A Royal Experience Like Never Before

  • People check themselves into villas to have a royal experience where they can live in all the luxury and pleasantness. These are made for delivering this very experience to anyone who sets foot on the premises.

  • The design, plan, location, everything about these villas is par excellence and you are going to fall in love with the exquisite encounter you’ll have here about the stay and life in a villa. Be it roaming around the long corridors, walking into a huge room with luxury four-poster beds and other premium amenities, enjoying the soft comforting grass and touch of the flowers and breeze in the gardens and open terrace, or anything else you may know about villas, you’re in for experiencing all of these things.

  • Moreover, with all the amenities available in these villas, you’ll never fall short of anything at all. You feel like having entertainment and fun, there are all basic and necessary amenities for family entertainment. If you want to play some interesting and engaging games, you can do that in these villas considering that they facilitate the same in the form of a games room that includes provision for table tennis, indoor tennis, and carrom. Moreover, if you want to play outdoor games, you can enjoy the same with the outdoor play areas well designed for adults as well as children.

  • The villas have a tennis court, basketball court, cricket court, and a lot of other things for you to enjoy yourself outdoors during your stay. Besides that, there is a swimming pool as well for you to enjoy a good time in the water, if you are someone who likes that as a recreational activity. Even for children, there’s a beautiful garden with a play area consisting of swings and other children's play activities.

  • So, there’s a lot of scope for physical activities and enjoyment in these villas. Moreover, if you’re someone who likes a quieter place and environment, you can even have that considering the fact that these villas are equipped with library rooms that have newspapers and magazines. Moreover, you can get your own books and read them in peace and quiet here.

  • Also, if you’re planning a lavish wedding, these villas shall be perfect for you. They have a grand lobby with waiting space and an amazing party hall with great capacity and there’s no shortage of guest rooms either. So, it shall be a lavish, luxurious, fascinating, and dream-like wedding that shall be no less than a fairytale.

  • Moreover, these villas will take care of your health and fitness as well with amenities like a walking track, yoga club, and gym room.

  • So, you’ll get the best days of your life when you shall stay in these villas and while you may not like it all the time, experiencing this kind of luxury every once in a while will feel extremely great, amazing, and fantastic.

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