project highlights

HMDA & RERA Approved

Bang on 60 ft Main Road

42 Acre Layout

Elegant Entrance Plaza

Landscaped Parks

Children Parks

BTRoads with Kerb Stones

Water Harvesting Pits

Underground Drainage Lines

Over Head Water Tank

Bank Loans Available

Street Lighting Power Lines

location highlights

Financial District - 40 Mints

Airport - 20 Mints

Symbiosis Institue - 20 Mints

Kanha Shanti Vanam - 15 Mints

Procter and Gamble - 12 Mints

Statue of Equality - 12 Mints

Johson & Johson - 5 Mints

Natco Pharma - 4 Mints

Open Plots in kothur

  • Open Plots in Kothur is an investment that will hardly ever depreciate in value. Once you invest in a piece of land, you can be sure to see your money growing over the years. Moreover, having a plot shall always mean that you have a place to build a beautiful house and make it your home. Also, you can sell the plot or the house you build over it.

  • Money is one of the most essential needs for every person. We all work to earn money among other things and as we do that we seek ways to multiply it by as many times as we can. Now, the best way to grow your money is to invest it in lucrative areas and what could be better than buying a great piece of land for such investments?

  • So, basically, you have many options when you invest in a plot of land. But this thought in itself opens the door to several questions, the very first being where should you buy a plot in your city?

  • Well, there are many areas in Hyderabad where you can find amazing plots just as per your needs and preferences at reasonable and affordable rates. Rohini Infra Source PVT LTD offers you all the guidance you need for your purposes of investing in land and property.

  • Rohini Infra Source PVT LTD is a company engaged in the real estate business and the agents here have got amazing contacts and connections all over the city. As such, we can get you the best Open Plots in Kothur, the best place to find the perfect piece of land for investment.

The Best Open Plots in Kothur Area

  • Hyderabad is among one of the fastest developing and growing cities in the country. With multiple IT companies, Residential Townships, and other areas and places that serve as tourist spots, the city attracts amazing attraction and attention from people and more importantly businesses and corporates all over the world.

  • With this kind of growth, the real estate industry in the city is taking a phenomenal pace and that’s expected to grow by a whopping percentage in the coming future as well. In such a scenario, investing in real estate will be a really wise decision to see your money grow by many times over the years.

  • Now, when you think about that, putting your money into purchasing land and open plots would be the best way to go about this. If you look at it, open plots open up a host of opportunities in front of you. These plots can be converted into a home that you can design and build from scratch. These plots can be sold out at a later stage when you’re seeing lucrative profits. And the best part is that unlike flats, whose value depreciates over time, the value of open plots shall always appreciate as time passes by. So, you never seem to see your money going to the drains if you put it into open plots and land for investment purposes.

  • With all that said, you can find the perfect one, not only do you get the perfect and most appealing open plots here but all these plots are under a development project that will bring lucrative returns in the future.

  • Kothur is even a great location with a lot of greenery and scenic beauty and views. Moreover you can find an Airport in this area. Also, the infrastructure in the area is pretty cool and sleek and you’ll fall in love with the looks of it. The area is also close to the highway and you would also never face any difficulty in finding the basic amenities in this area.

  • Besides that, the entire project is designed to be equipped with recreational settings such as children’s park, swimming pool, banquet hall, jogging track, cafeteria, amphitheater, and a lot more. With these facilities, anyone would love to live in the area and if you just take a plot here, it won’t even be difficult for you to sell in later.

  • We, Rohini Infra Source PVT LTD, deal in these and can get them for you at the best possible rates and prices that will be highly affordable and extremely beneficial for the future. Just reach out to our experts, discuss your plot requirements, and they shall show you the perfect plot as per your needs and guide you all the way through your investments in lands and open plots.


1) Where to Buy Plots in Hyderabad?

There are many places where you can find plots in Hyderabad. One of the best places would be Kothur. It has a lot of open plots at affordable rates and your investment will surely grow over time.

2) How to Buy Land in Hyderabad?

You can approach real estate agents to help you buy land in Hyderabad. Rohini Infra Source PVT LTD is one of the best real estate agents in Hyderabad to help you find the perfect land to meet your purpose. They’ll perfectly guide you every step of the way in buying land in Hyderabad.

3) Which is the Best Place to Buy a Plot in Hyderabad?

There are many amazing places to buy plots in Hyderabad but the best place would be Kothur. There are amazing open plots at the most affordable rates in this area and you’d surely love the settings there.


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